a selection of the healthiest berries in the world


Our berries are grown in one of the cleanest countries in the world, Finland. They mature into colorful health bombs in bright summers and fresh air. They get their juiciness from clean rain and groundwater, which is abundant in Finland. During the long winter, the plants rest and gather strength for a new growing season. To increase their strength and natural nutrients, the berries are ecologically cultivated in organically certified farms and forests. When you eat juices or powders made from our berries, you can be sure that you are giving your body the best, clean and safe energy, vitamins and antioxidants.

100% Natural

Studies show that aronia contains most antioxidants of all the berries in the world. Read more...

Always fresh

We grow aronia berries on our own farm and on a selection of nearby farms situated in Ostrobothnia, Finland. Read more...

Finnish Superberries

Healthy cooking

We care about what you eat. We want to produce food which nourishes your body and tastes deliciously. Read more...

Best quality

We want to serve you the best, always, that is why we have built in quality in all of our processes. Read more...

Our Products

Organic and fresh

Finnish organic Aronia...
Finnish organic Aronia...
Finnish organic Aronia...
Finnish organic Aronia...
Finnish organic Aronia...
Why is organic Aronia from Finland good for your health and for nature?

How does Finnish Superberries help you feel good and make sustainable choices?

Our Aronia farms efficiently absorb carbon from the air, prevent eutrophication of the watercourses and do not need to be irrigated at all. The berries grown in Finland are the juiciest in the world and contain a huge amounts of healthy antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Pure Finnish nature
    Finland is the cleanest and greenest country in the world according to the 2016 EPI (Environmental Performance Index) compiled by Yale and Columbia University. The index compares how ecosystems and human health are protected in different countries. Read more...
  • Organic farming in Finland
    Organic farming is a certified and carefully monitored production method. The principles of organic farming are: recycling of nutrients; maintenance of soil conditions and biodiversity; and minimization of the use of non-renewable resources. Read more...

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We love our clients

  • “En bra och ren lokalproducerad produkt som vi använder med nöje!"

    Mattias Åhman/Restaurant HEJM - Vasa

  • “Mieheni oli erittäin tyytyväinen vitamiinipitoiseen lahjaan. Kaunis pakkaus ja tyylikäs lasi sekä hyvä maku. Toivottavasti ihmiset arvostavat sitä. Se voisi olla mukava joululahja yrityksiltä työntekijöille."

    Gunlis Båsk/Sulva - Mustasaari

  • “Thanks to Finnish Superberries , we can have fabulous Aronia juice to make some news."

    Christophe Guillemeau/Othello - Vaasa

  • “Finnish Superberrieksen maukas aroniatäysmehu sopii täydellisesti maustamaan esim. raikasta juustokakkua."

    Marlene Ahlberg/Wasa konditori - Vaasa

  • “My daughter and I drink aronia daily, either with breakfast as juice or at dinner time as an alternative to a wine glass. We like the refreshing flavour of it."

    Alicia Trezise-Segervall/Köskö - Mustasaari


Organic and fresh

Aronia - marinated chicken of the...

Aronia - marinated chicken of the Strömsö TV-show, inspired by Uffe's kitchen

Frothy soup of beetroot and aronia,...

Frothy soup of beetroot and aronia, served with smetana, seeds and croutons 4 person meal

Elk mince steaks with aronia gravy,...

Elk mince steaks with aronia gravy, potato compote, fried and pickled wild mushrooms 4 person meal

Aronia gravad salmon with picked...

Aronia gravad salmon with picked fennel, gherkins and sour cream sauce 4 person meal

Yogurt pudding with aronia granita,...

Yogurt pudding with aronia granita, caramel sauce and roasted oats 4 person meals