Finnish Superberries - health and vitality in the families' everyday live

The roots of our company date back to the 18th century, when the king of Sweden granted the land to the settlers in our family. Our ancestors broke the ground and built the farm named Sandås, from which also our family name originates. The Swedish empire was divided and eventually the new country Finland was formed, the generations on the farm changed, but the farming continued.

During the 2000s, all of us children in the house had moved out, formed families and acquired our own professions and households. Eventually our aging parents wished to leave the farm to us younger ones. We had to take a stand on what was most important to us. We concluded that we wanted to continue the farm's ancestry, but that we would rather invest in producing food with natural health benefits instead of continuing with the traditional grain cultivation. We also chose to convert the agriculture to organic farming so that we could better protect the environment that is so important to us.

Finland is an optimal place for berries. We have long bright summers when the sun shines even at night while the winter is long and dark. This means that the plants get a long and good rest but also an intense, light growing season. In addition, our nature is pure; the air and soil are healthy and we have plenty of groundwater and a sufficiently rainy autumn. The organically grown berries, both in nature and on our fields, extract nutrients and water directly from the nutrient-rich soil that is particularly well suited for berry plants. All this contributes to our berries developing into juicy vitamin and antioxidant bombs that are difficult to find in other latitudes.

Today, Finnish Superberries is a growing refining center for Finnish, health-promoting and organically produced berries. We grow Aronia berries on our own and several nearby farms and collect pure Finnish wild berries as raw material. We harvest our berries at the right time and press them to juice immediately by the fields and picking places for wild berries.

The juicing and the drying processes that takes place at low temperature are gentle on the  berries. This ensures that all important, healthy ingredients are retained in the raw materials used in our products. From these berries we refine healthy food, which is easy for everyone to enjoy and get a daily dose of antioxidants and vitamins.