We want to serve you the best, always, that is why we have built in quality in all of our processes.

We grow, harvest and refine raw materials that are healthy. You are what you eat. We want to offer an alternative with which you can take care of yourself and the health of your whole family.

We preserve the antioxidants and vitamins in the raw materials in the best possible way. We harvest at the right time. We have chosen the most optimal harvesting, juicing and drying processes with the aim of preserving the beneficial ingredients in our raw materials. We make sure that our packaging also preserves the nutrients.

We grow in a sustainable and organic way and harvest berries from certified forests. The surrounding nature thrives and our berries are clean and healthy.

We develop products that are easy to use in everyday life. According to our philosophy, one should have access to healthy ingredients in everyday life. That is why we develop products that are easy to use in food and drink for both adults and children.

Our raw materials are traceable and our business is transparent. We use Finnish certified raw materials. Our processes are open and transparent.

We follow all rules and laws that apply to organic farming and hygiene requirements. Our customers can be sure that we follow all the rules and we make sure that our products keep their promises.

Sustainability and responsibility in business development - our quarter is 25 years. Our roots in the farm date back to the 18th century. We make our decisions and develop our processes with the climate and the next generation in focus. That is what sustainability means to us.